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Pacific Wave 2016

Prosperous Futures through Technology

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The Pacific Wave 2016 – Prosperous Futures through Technology aims to
discover how the use of technology can create and improve the livelihood and wellbeing of the region’s communities

June 10, 2016

 Aotea Centre

Auckland Central

Dr Michelle Dickinson

Michelle is a passionate researcher and teacher with a love of science and engineering.

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Christian Patouraux

Christian has had a 20 year career as an ICT entrepreneur and engineer.

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Christopher Saili

Christopher Saili is Managing Director of SkyEye, a Samoa based technology business approaching its third year of operation.

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Jamie Beaton

Jamie along with co-founder Sharndre Kushor has grown the company Crimson Consulting into an estimated $75 million plus entity.

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Toeolesulusulu Damon Salesa

Damon has recently become the director of the New Zealand institute for Pacific Research.

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James Kemp

James is a business author and Director of Growth HQ with over 10 years’ experience commercialising digital properties.

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Matua Shane Jones

Shane Jones is New Zealand’s Ambassador for Pacific Economic Development.

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Dr Roannie Ng Shiu

Dr Roannie Ng Shiu is a human geographer whose work focuses on health, education and sport in the Pacific region.

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Simon Harger-Forde

Simon is the founding Director of Innovate Change, a social innovation agency.

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Scott Pollard

Scott is the New Zealand Manager Machine-to-Machine at Vodafone NZ.

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Pepe Christian Fruean

Pepe is the Chairman of Digicel Samoa’s Board of Directors and at the helm of Digicel Samoa.

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MC: John Pulu

John graduated in 2009 with a Bachelor of Communication Studies in Television from AUT University.

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Youth Entrepreneurship

The population of the Pacific is a youthful population (50% are under 25).  There is a huge risk of mass unemployment for youth in the region that requires urgent attention – technology opens global opportunities that can meet the demand from this youthful population.

Grow & Manage Your Business

NZ and the globe enjoy the use of technology for the management of their businesses, the growth opportunities to access new markets via online or social media inter alia.  Glean understanding from top business entrepreneurs and how they leverage technology to successfully manage and grow their business.

Innovative Ideas Using Technology

Innovation discussions for the Pacific region. How can co-design and innovation strategies support economic development and growth through technology in the Pacific?